【828Enews】5月英文報/June 11 to 15, 2012 Final Examinations

The Final Examinations of this semester are coming up from June 11 to 15. According to statistics from the Academic Affairs Division, 30% of students did not have good scores on their midterm examinations, so students must take the time to review and study for good scores on their final examinations. We would like to remind all students that only sick leave with proper certificate and personal leave for special reason will be accepted for final examination. Please process any leave applications at the Student Advising Section on Taipei Campus (Taoyuan Student Affairs Section), in the meantime, please remember to apply for the make-up examination online (to be held from June 20 to 22), or your will get “zero” score for that course. However, since the score on the make-up examination will be reduced by 20% in the semester grade calculation, it would be better not to miss any final examination.

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