【828Enews】5月英文報/Mr. and Ms. International Smile Selected

The 6th Mr. and Ms. International Smile competition ended flawlessly on May 16. Chang, Wei-Min of International Business Department and Chung, Hsiao-Hui of Urban Planning and Disaster Management Department have respectively won the first place of Mr. and Ms. International Smile after passing the competitions of introducing themselves, answering quick-witted questions, and performing their talent or skill. During the final talent show, each participant wore a different costume to represent different countries, which added a rich international perspective to the competition. Besides, the cheering sound of more than 500 students in the audience also added to the suspense and fervor. Among the finalists were several international students. A second-year student from the US, Jonathan Dunning Jenkins of International Business and Management Program, won the second place of Mr. International with his fabulous jazz tom-tom performance. Rohanda Rohanse Devent from the Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis, a second-year student of International Trade and Management Program, won the third place of Ms. International with her mystical magic show. They both think it’s an interesting activity and hope they will have a better performance next year to win the title!

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