【828Enews】5月英文報/Travel & Tourism Program semester-end internship review

The graduation examines conference of industry internship of Traveland Tourism Program had been held on May 17th and May 18th. This event had been held in Taipei Howard International House for two days. The students of Travel and Tourism Program, International College would all need to conduct 400 hours industry internship before they graduate no matter which countries they are from. This year, 12 foreign students and 18 local students participated this event. The internship organization where the students conducted the internship are sited including not only Taiwan but also the United States, South Korea, Mainland China and Southeast Asia, and other different countries. The internship organization are, including Sheraton Hotel, USA Disney World, Wang Steak, Starbucks Coffee,TransAsia Airway and etc. It fully reflects the MCU goals: Professionalism, Excellence, Internationalization.

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