【828Enews】5月英文報/International Student Seminars

In recent years, international students have become a feature of Ming Chuan University, the university implements its pursuit of internationalization. The General Education Center held “Meet-the-Faculty Seminar for International Students” twice during April to better understand international students’ Taiwan experience and promote interaction between local students and international students. The seminars were hosted by General Education Center Director Yang, Jin-Tan (David) and faculty member Dr. Su Chien-Ling. Almost 20 international students from the world attended the seminars. During the seminars, international students shared their observations of Ming Chuan University and compared education here with that in their own countries. Firstly, they mentioned the teaching methods at Ming Chuan University include fixed class sessions and courses, most of the classes are taught by full faculty members, and the students are quiet in class. However, a lot of faculty members encourage students to express their opinions and emphasize group discussion and team work. The above conditions are really different from the universities in Europe and U.S., which emphasize independent learning. There is a special phenomenon of Taiwan students eating or sleeping in class, which confuses the international students a lot. It would be impossible to see this in their countries; no one would dare to do such thing in class, because faculty members would ask those students to leave the class. They also mentioned that most students in their countries need to pay the tuition and living expenses for studying at university on their own, which can make students more independent. Taiwanese enthusiastic hospitality is usually taken as a feature of local society. However, students from South America and Africa have not experienced this. They think the way Taiwanese treat foreigners differs based on skin color. Foreign students reflected on their experience of administrative affairs and life at Ming Chuan University. They appreciate the work efficiency of most of the staff members, and the helpful, quick service. However, bureaucracy still appears on campus, such as when front-line staff members cannot make any decisions because they need the administrators’ approval and instructions. The international students all think our Taipei campus beautiful. It is really lucky and convenient to have Taipei campus on the hill and nearby downtown. The scenery around Taipei campus is really beautiful, no matter day or night. Students from Russia specially mentioned that the greatest thing on Taipei campus is the fresh air and sun shining into the classrooms because in some countries, students are studying in a building without sunshine all day long. German students mentioned that, in Germany, institutions are not allowed to refuse disabled students access due to incomplete facilities and equipment for the disabled. The steep hill and steps on Taipei campus are really inconvenient for disabled students. Furthermore, a lot of international students like to travel around Taiwan. They commend the beautiful scenery in Taiwan, the enthusiastic and friendly people and their help. The travel system in Taiwan is established well, which is really convenient and useful, and has become an important feature for many travelers. Finally, the foreign students do not understand why so many young ladies wear makeup in daily life, feeling it is not beautiful to wear so much makeup. One more difficult thing for them is about dress code. It is really hard for them to know when and how to dress up.

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