Immigration Seminar This Friday The Office of International Student Service will be holding a seminar on 5/25 at noon in B301 on Taipei campus. The seminar features a guest speaker from the Taipei City Service Station, Immigration Officer Ong. She will be presenting on Taiwan’s exit and entry procedures, legal residency, and other immigration-related issues. Don’t miss out this great chance to become familiarized with Taiwan’s immigration and residency regulations! Mainland Chinese Student Recruitment in Guangdong MCU has been continuously expanding its horizon in the recruitment of students from overseas and mainland China. This year, representatives from MCU traveled to several high schools in China to hold recruitment campaigns. In addition, instant messaging accounts were set up in China in order to answer students’ and parents’ questions about MCU’s programs. For the next academic year, a total of 84 Chinese students will be coming to Taiwan to study at MCU. You & Me, Free Hug The Extracurricular Activities Section, MCU student associations, and clubs are co-hosting an event called “You & Me, Free Hug” in order to express thanks for your support in the activities they have held throughout the year. It will take place this Wednesday and Thursday (5/23, 5/24) at noon at the plaza in front of the Hi-Life Convenient Store on Taipei campus. So, don’t be shy and give each other a big bear hug! Africa Fashion Show and Culture Exhibition The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Taipei City Government are co-hosting the 2012 Africa Fashion Show and Culture Exhibition this weekend (5/26-27) from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. at the plaza between the A8, A9 and A11 Buildings of the Shin-Kong Mitsukoshi Xinyi Place. Six MCU students from the International College will be on the fashion runway wearing their tribal costumes: Awa Jarju, Mabie Tamba and Khabijaiou Bah from Gambia, Bethusie Sinethemba Vikakata, Siphosethu Andronica Ndlou and Swaziland, and Djulieya Amadc from Sao Tome. Moreover, an exhibition of African artifacts, arts and crafts, sculptures and paintings will be on display.