【823Enews】195 students awarded foreign student scholarships

2011 Spring Semester’s award list for Foreign Student Scholarships is now available on the Ming Chuan University website, International Education and Exchange Division pages. Scholarships were awarded to Ian Fritz (費一彥)and another 194 international students. Students who are receiving the scholarship, should please fill out their bank account details on the MCU Student Information System before the 27th of April (Friday). Students who do not have an account could go to the Bursar Section on the third floor of the Administration Building (Taipei Campus) or go to the Office of General Affairs Section (Taoyuan Campus) to receive their scholarships. International College is the biggest winner this time for the Foreign Student Scholarships, followed by School of Communication, School of Management, School of Design, School of Health Technology and School of Education & Applied Languages. Altogether Ming Chuan disbursed NTD 1.4 million in scholarship funds to those 195 excellent international students. Apart from the Ming Chuan University Foreign Student Scholarships, there are other scholarships provided for intentional students. Ming Chuan University Southeast Asia Student Scholarship and Scholarship for Overseas Chinese Students in Financial Need are also available for students who qualify. Keep working hard on your academic studies; it will certainly pay off in the future.

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