【823Enews】IC Soccer Game This Saturday! Are You Ready?

This Saturday is the day all soccer [soccer] fans at MCU are waiting for! International College soccer game is going to be held by the ICES on MCU Taipei campus. Beginning 9 o’clock, the teams from both Taoyuan and Taipei are going to compete and to see who will be the best team of the year! Everyone is more than welcome to join and enjoy the show presented by the international students with their amazing teamwork skill and their sensational soccer skill. Want to experience enthusiastic soccer mania? Then come to the MCU field this Saturday, April 28; there is a series of matches you won’t want to miss! The MCU 5 on 5 soccer cup is welcoming all international students to register for this 8th year contest! The highest prize for the winning team will be NTD 2000! The registration fee is only NTD 1000, including deposit of NTD 500, which will be given back to each team after the match. If there is any destruction of equipment or if the team is late, the host will deduct the fee from the deposit. There is a limit of 16 for the number of teams which can register to play, so hurry to sign up and start practicing for the win! If you have any question please feel free to call Mr. Shen Din Bang at 0975247937, the chair of the MCU soccer club, or write an email to sunnyufo2001@hotmail.com!

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