【823Enews】All-pass Pineapple Festival for foreign students spreads strong Taiwanese mood

Before mid-term examination, did you receive all-pass pineapple cake from your Taiwanese study partner? This activity was held by International Education & Exchange Division, to make foreign students aware of upperclassmen’s concern and blessing before the mid-term examination. Applied Chinese Department third-year student, Lin-ba, from Mongolia said the activity is quite novel and allowed foreign students to experience the unique warmness and friendliness of Taiwanese students. To highlight Taiwanese characteristics, this time the IEE Division replaced the marshmallows and biscuits given in the past with Taiwan’s most popular souvenir, pineapple cake, for all-pass treats. This gave the activity a deep Taiwanese theme. The leader of this activity, Chan, Yi-Shu, a Public Affairs Department student, said she hoped this activity can let foreign students from all over the world experience Taiwanese undergraduate’s interesting all-pass culture. If you didn’t receive all-pass treats or have no student partners, don’t be sad. IEE Division held the 2012 international student partner orientation last week. There will be more Taiwanese students anticipating to meet international students for learning and growing together at Ming Chuan. That can not only let you get ‘all-pass’, but high-pass!.

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