【823Enews】Ming Chuan University Graduate in Gambia

President Ma Ying-jeou visited The Gambia and joined a banquet in Gambia style on April 13. Very quickly, the focus was not only on Ma Ying-jeou, but also on the gorgeous female emcee. That emcee was Fatou K. Jobe, who graduated from Ming Chuan University, International College Program in Applied Information Technology in 2004, then finished her master’s degree in International Affairs (MCU-GSIA). When Fatou K. Jobe showed up at the banquet wearing a noble cheongsam that she designed herself, suddenly she was in the media spotlight. Those reporters were most surprised that she can speak fluent Chinese. The reason behind that is she stayed in Taiwan for six years as finishing her degrees at Ming Chuan University. Fatou K. Jobe is now working in The Gambia government’s foreign office that specializes in handling diplomatic affairs with Taiwan. During the Banquet, she showed her excellent professional attitude. We are all proud of this outstanding schoolmate and hope she has bright prospects on her life stage.

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