MCU 55th Anniversary Celebration The 55th anniversary of Ming Chuan University celebration will be held on 3/24 (Saturday) in Taoyuan. A series of activities is to take place including a celebration meeting followed by a cocktail party, sports events, alumni activities meeting, student clubs carnival, cheerleading competition, and the grand anniversary dinner. In addition, guests from all over the world are flying to Taiwan to be part of this phenomenal event. So, come along and sing happy birthday to MCU! Honored Guests Attend MCU Anniversary Celebration On the day of our school anniversary, guests from America, Japan, Korea, and China are traveling to Taiwan to be part of this marvelous event. The list of our honored guests includes: Dr. Gilbertson, the President of Saginaw Valley State University, and the presidents from Korea’s Suwon University, Japan’s Hakuoh University, China’s Hebei Univesrity, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, Fujian Normal University, Communication University of China, Hefei Normal University. MCU Anniversary School Publications The 91st issue of Ming Chuan Alumni Newsletter was published last Monday (3/12) reporting on the most current alumni news and events. A new edition of MC Magazine will be published on the day of school anniversary on 3/24 which will include several articles centered on the topic of appreciation to those who made special contributions to Ming Chuan. The 23rd MCU Literary and Arts publication was published last week. It features the awarded submission work by the winners of the MCU Literary and Arts Awards. Free copies are available at the MCU Weekly offices on both campuses.