【817Enews】55th MCU Anniversary Celebration and Cheerleading Competition

According to the MCU calendar, it’s time to celebrate the school’s 55th anniversary on Saturday 3/24. There are going to be plenty of activities on that day, and most important is the creative cheerleading dance competition! All teachers and students are more than welcome to join is, so save the time and join us at the the Taoyuan Arena. Cheerleading dance competition is considered as one of the most important activities at Ming Chuan. In recent years, IC College has performed pretty well. The best presentation was at the 53rd anniversary celebration, where the IC cheerleading team decided to have “Sponge Bob” dance along with them and they received 7th place at the end. As a reminder from the Physical Education Office director, Dr. Wang: All students who are planning to participate in the dancing competition, please remember to warm up before practicing! There are going to be both winners and losers in a competition; the important part is to enjoy participating and finding the joy of practice time!

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