【817Enews】International Student Academic Performance Last Semester

The Assistant Dean of the Academic Affairs Division, Dr. Wen-Li Chih, reported on student academic performance for the Fall 2011 semester during the weekly administrative meeting. According to the report, a total of 193 MCU students were forced to drop out of MCU due to poor academic performance last semester. This figure includes 9 international students. In addition, many international students had difficulties in dealing with the calculus course offered by the International College, as one of the English-instructed courses. A total of 101 students were enrolled in the course and 41.6% of the students failed the course as they were unable to meet the passing grade of 60. However, the overall academic performance of international students was exceptional. The average course grade was 77.8 and the number of course absences ranked in the lower 10% of the university for least number of absences.

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