English Version of TQC Exam The Computer Skills Foundation (CSF) has developed an English version of the Techficiency Quotient Certification (TQC) exam. MCU has a diverse group of international students from all over the world; therefore, the first English TQC exam ever administered was at MCU. On 12/23 of last year, 65 international students from 31 countries at MCU took the first TQC Global IT Skills Certification exam on Taoyuan campus. Exam results are now posted, showing 60% of examinees successfully passed the exam. Passing the TQC is one of the graduation requirements for Information Technology at MCU. Students who have obtained a TQC certification during their freshman year may waive some of the required core Information Technology courses in their program of study. Exchange Student Program at Cal State Long Beach Updated news just arrived from MCU’s sister school, California State Long Beach (CSULB). Students who are interested in applying for the exchange student program at CSULB should note that the application deadline is moved forward to 2/23 (Thursday) for the semester of Fall 2012. Please prepare all required paperwork and turn it in to the office of International Education and Exchange Division by 5pm (on 2/23). A review meeting will be held after the deadline to nominate the best two applicants for the final review conducted by CSULB. Tug-of-War Competition From 3/1 to 3/15, different rounds of MCU Tug-of-War Competition will be held. Interested participants should apply by this Wednesday (2/22) at noon on either campus. On 2/23 at 12:10 p.m., a draw will take place to determine the order of the rounds. Participants should sign up as departments and are divided into men’s and women’s teams. Each team should consist of 25 players (20 contestants and 5 back-ups). Participants must be present at the game venue 15 minutes prior their round with their student identification cards. Those who are more than 5 minutes late will be disqualified. The final championship will be held on 3/16 at 12:10 p.m. on Taipei campus. Application for Practical English Course Waivers Ends This Wednesday Students who are qualified to apply for waiving Practical English Courses should do so by this Wednesday (2/22). Application forms are available online on the English Language Center’s (ELC) website. In addition, students who wish to be enrolled in Advanced English Program courses, must register in person at an ELC office (I314 on Taipei campus and CC205 on Taoyuan campus) by Friday (2/24). For more questions, contact Coris at extension 2644 or Nancy at 3177. Exchange Student Programs at MCU This semester, there is a total of 81 international exchange students from MCU’s sister schools currently studying at MCU. Each student is assigned a local student as a study partner. The International Education and Exchange Division welcomes students who are interested in becoming a study partner for this project. A recruitment orientation will be held in April. More information on the program and related scholarships is available online at http://iee.mcu.edu.tw/ ; click on “Notices”.