【810Enews】Opening of Kinmen Campus Marks Milestone for MCU

Translated by Mike Amitrano After 16 years of planning and development, on October 30, the Kinmen Campus held a meeting to discuss the completion of the project and held a ceremony to formally open use of the facilities. Close to one hundred people involved with the planning process attended the event, including President Lee, local government officials, alumni association representatives, supporters of Ming Chuan’s new Kinmen campus, and other friends of the University. President Lee hosted the event, and thanked all those who have supported the new Kinmen campus. He thanked the local officials who helped MCU during the construction phase and also the various supporters and school officials who worked relentlessly to help the project run as smoothly as possible. Moreover, he expressed his intent to establish a medical school on the Kinmen campus, reiterating his support for the people of Kinmen in that a new campus will spur the local economy. Kinmen County Magistrate Li expressed his excitement over having a new higher education facility located on Kinmen, promising local government support. He stressed that private universities often need more assistance than public ones, and that the Kinmen County government is there to support Ming Chuan in its efforts to open a Kinmen campus, and thanked Ming Chuan on behalf of the people of Kinmen for providing more higher education opportunity in the region. Li also expressed the potential for Kinmen to become more developed and play a larger role in cross-strait relations with regards to tourism and higher education development. In addition, alumni association representatives from Taipei to Kaohsiung, California, and Hawaii attended the event, with alumni such as Chang Hsian-Ling donating upwards of 300,000 NTD to his alma mater. Alumni Association President Lu Ming-Chu congratulated Ming Chuan’s accomplishment with its Kinmen campus by donating one million dollars.

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