【810Enews】Welcome to My Homeland for Global Citizens

by Keven Chen The International Education and Exchange Division has made video clips featuring introductions and information on nearly 55 different countries around the world, as delivered by MCU international students. The contents of the clips include culture, customs, taboos, etiquette and other related topics for each of these countries. This project was run in conjunction with the Teaching Excellence project; therefore, only MCU students participated. For more information, accuracy and excitement, IEE held an activity inviting students of MCU from all over the world to introduce their hometown; the event was called “This is How We Do in My Country”. The new information from the activity and video clips will be printed into the second edition of the new customs and taboos book. IEE is looking for more volunteers to provide new information. Contact Daphne:daphne@mail.mcu.edu.tw to find out how you can participate!

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