【810Enews】New Inter-institutional Library Service Launched This Week

by Keven Chen What can you do when you want to borrow a book but only other universities have the book? The Northern Region Library Cooperation is now providing two new services, “Inter-institutional Book Loan and Return” and “Inter-institutional Library Card”, beginning this week. Go to the Library service platform of the Northern Region’s Education Resource Center for more information. Last year, the Northern Region’s Education Resource Center piloted these inter-institutional library services. The positive response from faculty and students led them to expand the project this year to 25 institutions, including Ming Chuan, National Taiwan, National Chengchi, Tamkang, and Shih Chien universities. Among these institutions, 14 of them provide inter-institutional book loan and return services and 16 allow one to apply for an e-library card through Internet. The e-card can be printed out on one’s own, and taken to any library in the Northern Region Library Cooperation to borrow books. They will also provide delivery service in cooperation with your university’s library and you can pick the books up there for free. The National Taiwan University has increased the number of Inter-institutional Library Cards from four to 18. Due to the difficulties of applying for NTU’s library card, students who are interested should grab this chance.

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