【810】International Sports Day Competition

by Keven Chen International Sports Day was hosted by ICES on 11/19 for international students from both Taipei and Taoyuan campuses in the Sun Yat Sen Auditorium. Sporting events held that day included basketball, volleyball, 10 people 11 legs, relay race and football. Championship in 3-on-3 basketball was taken away by the team “8GHZ”, which won two games in the final round. The volleyball championship went to the team “All Star” with a score of 30:24 in the final. In 5-on-5 indoor football (soccer), 8 teams fought for first place, which was won in the end by team “American African”, who won the final game 4:1. Rain led to cancellation of the relay race, but two teams competed in the indoor gym for the 10 people 11 legs race. Each first place team received a 5,000 NTD award at the end of the day.

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