【810Enews】International College Showcases International Delicacies

by David Lin From November 29th to December 1st, the International Culture and Exchange Society (ICES), will host the 2nd annual World Food Festival on MCU’s Taipei campus. This year’s gastronomic extravaganza will feature local delicacies prepared by International College students. Flavors from five different regions, which include Asia, Europe, North America, Central & South America, and Africa, will be showcased during the lunch hour in front of Hi-Life. “We want to make this event an IC tradition as it showcases the respect and diversity we have among the different cultures represented in IC”, said ICES President Ally Liu. Liu also mentioned that she encourages all students to come and sample the different cuisines, as it is a friendly way to promote and learn about different cultures. For more information about the 2nd Annual World Food Festival, please visit the MCU ICES Facebook page or email MCU.ICES@gmail.com.

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