■ Let’s Make Things Better! The Office of International Student Service (OISS) would like to gather comments and suggestions from MCU international students in order to “make things better” for MCU campuses. For international students who would like to have their voices be heard, and help make MCU a better place, please go to the OISS’ website at http://oiss.mcu.edu.tw for more information. ■ Relay Race Competition The inter-departmental 2000 meters relay race competition will be held this week. Students must sign up as a class in teams of 20 runners (10 females and 10 males) in which each runner runs for 100 meters. Please note that female runners will run for the first 10 batons and male runners run for the last 10 batons. The top 3 winning teams on Taipei campus and the top 6 teams on Taoyuan campus will be awarded merits or recognitions. In addition, runners are reminded to wear casual sports outfits and warm up before the race. Everyone is welcome to cheer the teams! ■ Campus Cleanliness Contest (by Kenesha Julius) In order to promote environmental awareness and cooperation, MCU will be having a cleaning competition on 11/18 (Friday) from noon to 2 p.m. on both campuses. Students are reminded that cleaning tools are to be collected by the Class Health Coordinator at the General Affairs Division on Taipei Campus and on the 3rd Floor of the Gymnasium on Taoyuan Campus. After finished the cleaning, the tools should be cleaned and returned next to the garbage area on Taipei Campus and beside the gymnasium 3rd floor on Taoyuan Campus. Upon inspection by the Student Affairs and General Affairs Divisions, top 3 winning classes will be awarded merits, recognition and cash prizes ranging from NT$2,000 to 4,000.