Judging for Ming Chuan Literature Awards Did you submit your work to compete in the photography category? The judging for the photography category of the Ming Chuan Literature Awards will be held this week on Taipei campus. Judging for creative items will be held on Tuesday (11/8) from 9 a.m. to noon at the Art Gallery in the Sun Yat Sen Auditorium. Judging for campus items will be held on Wednesday (11/9) from 10 a.m. to noon in B902. Everyone is welcome to join this feast for the eyes. The judges will be there, too, to share their views. MCU Sporting Events Here is the latest news for those who love to participate in sporting events! First of all, the International College will be hosting the International Student Sports Competition on 11/19 (Saturday) on Taipei campus. There are five categories: 3 on 3 basketball game, volleyball, 1000 meters relay race, 10 people-11 feet, and soccer. For more detailed information and game schedules, please go to the International College on either campus, or the Office of International Student Service, or the Overseas and Mainland China Student Service Section. Secondly, applications for the Inter-Departmental 2000 meters relay race ends on 11/11 (Friday) at noon. For more information, please contact the Physical Education Office. Thirdly, the university wide 20 people-21 feet competition will be held on 11/25 (Friday) at noon and the application ends on 11/18 (Friday) at noon. There should be a total of 22 members per team (11 males and 11 females). For more information, please contact the Physical Education Office. Annual Top Youth Selection Application for the MCU annual top youth selection begins now and ends on 11/22 (Tuesday). Interested applicants may go to the Student Affairs Division’s website for rules and regulations, and download the online application form. For more questions, please contact Ms. Chao at extension 2242 on Taipei campus or Ms. Li at extension 3183 on Taoyuan campus.