■MCU Kinmen Campus Inauguration Ceremony on 10/30 Over the past 16 years, MCU Kinmen had been established and serving well over 250 graduate degree students through its Graduate Work-experience Completion Program. Under President Lee’s leadership, the inauguration ceremony of MCU Kinmen campus will be held on 10/30. The strategic location of the Kinmen campus will provide a platform for cross-strait educational exchange. In addition, the establishment of the campus will set and elevate the standards of higher education off island. ■Midterm Exams Next Week The University Midterm Examinations will be held next week from 10/31 to 11/4. The exam schedules are already available online via the Student Information Network. Students should print out and carry a hardcopy of their exam schedules, writing tools and student identification card at all times. In addition, students are reminded to arrive at the examination rooms in advance. Temporary student identification cards may be applied at the Exam Administration Center on both campuses. Students must note that cheating is not permitted and cheaters will be expelled from the university. ■International Cultural Customs and Taboos Last week, Ming Chuan published a guidebook called Customs and Taboos around the World: the Basics for Global Citizens in order to raise the awareness about customs, etiquette, and taboos of different countries. This week, the International Education and Exchange Division is hosting an activity called “This is how it’s done in my country” asking international faculty and students to write additional entries for the 2nd edition of the guidebook. Moreover, the division is hosting another activity called “Spot the error”. If you find a mistake or incorrect information in the guidebook, please provide the correct information online under the division’s website. Both activities start now and end on 11/25. For further question, please contact Ms. Chu at extension 3703.