【805Enews】On-site interviews with students living off-campus

by Christy Cheung In order to have a better knowledge of the life of students who are living off campus, the Student Affairs Division is holding special interviews from September 20 to November 20 and visiting around 100 local and foreign students. The main purpose of this activity is to better understand students’ daily lives and recognize their living environment. The visiting staff are paying special attention to safety equipment, such as fire-fighting equipment, electric lines and fixtures and hygiene conditions. In consideration of communicating with foreign students, class advisors will accompany the interviewers. This visit may also help students to cope with any communication problems with their neighbors or landlords. To avoid affecting the students’ private lives, the interview time will be set up with them and their landlords in advance. Moreover, the interviewers will prepare some gifts for the students. So, do not hesitate to contact your class advisor if you encounter any off-campus living problems and let them know how they can assist you.

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