【805Enews】MCU improves relations with sister institutions

Translated by Mike Amitrano MCU has been continuously improving its International College, with more and more impressive results. Following a visit by MCU President Lee to the United States, university relations with Denmark, South Korea, and Mongolia have been improving, as well. In recent years, foreign students from Japan, Malaysia, Japan, and the US have been arriving in large numbers. From September 21-26, President Lee visited sister institutions Suwon Science College and Kyungwon University in South Korea to discuss academic exchange. International Education and Exchange Division director Liu Kuo-Wei visited Denmark to discuss research on the higher education environment during September 10-18. School of Applied Languages Dean Lu Mu-Lin visited Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia to participate in the 3rd Taiwan Education Fair 2011. From September 15 to 22, an exchange delegation from sister school Yamagata University (Japan) visited MCU to study Asian culture. On September 27, Nara Prefectural University’s (Japan) Tourism Department representative Tetsuya Nakatani visited the institution to establish academic cooperation. Malaysian sister school Hanxing Academy of Journalism and Communication Student Counseling Director officer Wu Jiehua visited the Taipei Campus’ School of Communication with a delegation of 23 students on October 6. Another Malaysian delegation of six visited on October 11 from the Malaysian Students in Taiwan Penang Alumni Association.

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