【805Enews】Sister institutions visit MCU to discuss dual degree programs

Translated by Mike Amitrano This past week, three sister institutions visited MCU to encourage international cooperation. On October 11, Park University’s (USA) Dr. Alan Liebrecht (Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management) visited MCU, accompanied by another representative. On October 13, Northumbria University’s (UK) Ms. Joanne Purves (Director of International Development) visited MCU, accompanied by various other department representatives, totaling five people. On October 24, Kent State University’s (USA) Ted R. McKown, II (Office of International Cooperation) plans to visit, along with two officers from their Taiwan Representative Office. In 2003, 2004, and 2005, MCU signed international exchange and cooperation agreements with Park University (USA), Northumbria University (UK), and Kent State University (USA), respectively, including both short- and long-term student exchange programs and cultural exchanges. Both Park and Northumbria Univerisities have already begun dual degree program cooperation with MCU, and Kent State plans to engage in talks with MCU regarding these programs during the upcoming visit.

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