【805Enews】Newcomers Welcome Concert on Taipei campus: party the whole day

Translated by Keben Chen MCU Taipei campus’s Welcome Concert is coming up on 10/18 in the Sun Yat Sen Auditorium (I Building). You can get your ticket starting from 10/11; those who have already paid their student association fee can get a ticket for free. For any student who has not paid the fee, tickets cost NT600 if you want to join the fun. The concert will start from noon at the basketball court (in front of H Building) with many clubs preforming. Not only people from Ming Chuan, the student association has also invited some great performers from other schools. In the evening, famous Taiwan artists, including Lu Guang-zhong and Guo Jing will be preforming. Your ticket also entitles you to participate in the big lottery. The prizes include i-Pad, 22-inch computer monitor and 7-11 coupons.Aside from the concert, a grand party will also be held, starting from 10am. There are going to be many kinds of foods and drinks from a variety of stands, which are all set up and run by our schoolmates. So, no time to waste. Get your student ID out and go get your ticket now.

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