【805Enews】2011 Ying-Ge Ceramic Making Trip

Translated by Brian Henson The Office of International Student Services will hold a Ying-Ge Ceramics DIY Trip for students on Taipei and Taoyuan campuses on 12 and 13th November, respectively. Students will be led to Taipei County’s Ying-Ge Museum and Ying-Ge Old Street, introduced to the history and craft of pottery making, and will be provided with hands-on experience with the joys of ceramic making. Ying-Ge is a charmingly unique city that is nationally recognized for its history with ceramics; porcelain has become synonymous with Ying-Ge. If you want to find porcelain, Ying-Ge is the place. Students who are interested in attending the culture day-trip to Ying-Ge are welcome to sign-up by bringing their ARC or passport to MCU’s Office of International Student Services (Taipei: E Building 2nd Floor 1 Taoyuan: Q Building 1st Floor) as well as a NT$500 deposit. Registration opens on October 17th and closes on November 8th. Please note: The deposit will not be refunded if you do not make it to the trip.

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