【805Enews】President Lee Plans to Establish a Campus in the U.S.

Translated by Florrie Lin After earning MSCHE accreditation, President Lee is pursuing plans to establish a campus in the U.S. In order to continuously promote the interaction between MCU and the world, and make Ming Chuan University a global university, President Lee and Dr. Shen Pei-Di, Director of the Teacher Education Center, visited the U.S. during the summer break. President Lee and Director Shen visited both the west and east coasts of the U.S.. Executive Director Liu of International Education and Exchange Division joined them to visit a number of MSCHE-accredited universities in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Following that, the Vice President for Administrative Affairs, Dr. Robert Yien, and his wife welcomed them in Michigan, where they visited Michigan State University and a primary and secondary school. They also visited Saginaw Valley State University (SVSU), where Dr. Yien earlier served for 40 years. They discussed the establishment of a U.S. MCU campus with SVSU President Dr. Eric Gilbertson, and invited him to deliver a keynote speech for the 55th MCU Anniversary. MCU is planning to exchange students with SVSU or organize some short-term Chinese language courses at SVSU. Not only did the delegation discuss details about the collaboration between the universities, but also participated in an SVSU Faculty Meeting. During their time with former presidents of the Michigan Elementary and Middle School Principals Association, the discussion centered around collaboration on bilingual courses and the mechanism of cultivating teachers for secondary schools. Due to caring for the late Founder Pao, President Lee had not been to the east coast for many years. On this rare occasion, the MCU Alumni Association of the East Coast welcomed President Lee enthusiastically. The chair of the association, Chao Shu-Hui, invited more than 100 alumni to meet President and Mrs. Lee. The meeting was touching and warm as they shared memories of Founder Pao. All alumni appreciate the impact of MCU in their lives and the golden MCU brand “ well supported by facts”.

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