■MCU Calendar for 2011-2012 The MCU calendar for the academic year of 2011-2012 is now available online. Please go to our school’s website to download it. In order to protect the environment and save trees, the Secretariat will no longer distribute hard-copies of MCU school calendars. The final exams will be held next week (6/13-6/17) and after that, the long-awaited summer vacation is approaching! Therefore, students are reminded that starting from July, the summer working hours are from Monday to Thursday, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. And the university will be closed for 11 consecutive days from 7/29 to 8/8. For the coming school year, classes will start on 9/5 (Monday) for Fall 2011. The final exams for Fall 2011 will be held from 1/2 to 1/6 (week 18), so students are advised to stay home and study for the exams rather than go out to celebrate for the new year. ■Final Exams Next Week The final exams will be held next week (6/13-6/17), students are reminded to bring their valid or temporary MCU student identification card during exams. Students without a MCU identification card or have not applied for a temporary identification card would receive a zero for the exam. To apply for a temporary card, go to the Exam Centers in E101 on Taipei campus or Q101 on Taoyuan campus. Moreover, cell phone ringing during the exam is another common violation. According to the Academic Affairs Division, students will be penalized for any sound, ring, or beep coming from cell phones during exams. Please turn off cell phone and its alarm function. Students who need to take make-up final exams must file an online application on the same day that the exam was held and turn in official paperwork or doctor’s diagnosis to the Student Advising Section on Taipei campus or to the Taoyuan Student Affairs Section. The deadline to apply for make-up exams is 6/20 (Monday). ■National Intercollegiate Cheerleading Competition The cheerleading competition for the National Intercollegiate Athletic Games was held last Sunday (5/29) at the Hsinchuang Gymnasium. The MCU Cheerleading Squad won their 8th consecutive championship after battling against strong competitor squads from Shih Chien University and Fu Jen Catholic University. Interestingly, four members of MCU squad are graduating seniors this year. After they won the championship title, they raced back to Taipei campus to attend their graduation ceremony in the evening.