■MCU Receives IEET Accreditation The Institute of Engineering Education Taiwan conducted an on-site visit to Taoyuan campus as a procedure for its accreditation last December. Recently, MCU has been notified that the following departments have received IEET accreditation based on the evaluation paperwork provided and the on-site visit: Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs of the Biotechnology Department, Architecture Department, Computer Science and Information Engineering Department, Bachelor’s degree program of the Biomedical Engineering Department, and the Master’s degree program of the Computer and Communication Engineering Department. ■MCU Commuting Buses In order to enhance the quality and service of public transportations, the Transportation Bureau of Taoyuan County Government has announced the list of “Best County Buses” last week. Bus number 137 that travels between downtown Taoyuan and MCU Taoyuan campus is awarded top three for the best bus route. ■Traditional Japanese Dance Show The annual Traditional Japanese Dance Show is here again! The show will take place on Tuesday (5/10) and Thursday (5/12) at noon in front of the P Building on Taoyuan campus. It will be performed by the students of the Applied Japanese Department under the guidance of a dance group called “Night Sakura Goldfish” from Tomakomai City of Hokkaido, Japan and Mr. Chih-Chao Hu who is a former student from the department.