【791】Increase your knowledge today—Read more!

by Vina Frederick MCU Library is hosting the “I love to read” activity, geared towards encouraging students to develop an interest in reading as well as to implore students to use the library’s resources in order to feed their minds. The activity is hosted by both Taipei and Taoyuan campus libraries and runs from April 11 to December 31. Students who participate in this activity will be given an i-Read card on which they can receive stamps. For each Chinese book borrowed, students receive one stamp, and for every English book, two stamps. After a student has collected 20 stamps on the i-Read card, s/he can go to the library where a small gift will be awarded. Every student who borrows a book is encouraged to share his/her point of view about the book on his/her e-Portfolio. If other students read this feedback, they can print it out and hand it in at the library, and get the chance to receive a stamp on their i-Read cards. This grand draw (for both Taipei and Taoyuan students together) will take place twice in 2011, and affords students the opportunity to win 3C products (e.g. USB drive). Students are, therefore, encouraged to make reading fun whilst earning a chance of winning fabulous university prizes.

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