【791】Poster Design and Photography Contest

by Shervon Alfred Explore your creative potential in the MCU poster design and photography contest. The purpose of the contest is to encourage faculty, staff, and student interests in sports, and to capture the energetic campus mood. The poster can either be done by hand or printed out on computer. There are no limitations on the style of design, painting method, or poster paper. The poster must be printed on A3 size paper (approximately 42cm x30cm) and must be affixed to black American pasteboard. For photography, works must be 6 x 8 inches and must be affixed to A4 size black American pasteboard. Works which do not conform to the above specifications will not be accepted. There is no limit on the numbers of works that can be submitted. Contestants should state clearly their name, contact address, class, student number and phone number on a thick piece of 10×10 cm opaque white paper, with a topic description of no more than 10 words; then fold and seal the paper with adhesive tape. Paper should be affixed to the lower right of the back of the poster or photograph. The Physical Education Office will invite scholars and experts to act as judges on April 13. The top three and four honorable mentions in each group will be chosen and selected pieces will be put on public display on the 3rd Floor of the gymnasium on Taoyuan campus and in the badminton gym on Taipei campus from April 25 to 26.

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