【791】Exchange Student to U.S. Honored with Scholarship

by LeAnn Eyerman MCU International College, Travel and Tourism student, Tina Hui-Yu Hsieh, was recognized with a scholarship from the California Park and Recreation Society (CPRS) on April 7. Tina is a on a one-year exchange to California State University, Long Beach (CSU-LB) in the United States. Ms. Hsieh was invited to a CPRS banquet to receive this award. She was honored as a scholarship winner representing CSU-LB and Ming Chuan. CSU-LB professors noted that in their 20 years of teaching experience, Tina was their first international student to be invited to the interview and win this prize! In an email to her department at MCU, Tina wrote, “I'm so, so happy! Many guests asked me where I am from and which university I went to in Taiwan. I think – no matter how hard and tough the experience I've been through to survive and study in the U.S. – it's all valuable now. I'm still overjoyed.” CPRS scholarships are evaluated based on five overall criteria: (1) Academic scholarship and/or achievement; (2) Professional affiliation(s) and activity; (3) Experience in the tourism/recreation field: paid and/or volunteer (4) Leadership and professional potential; and (5) References (regarding performance and potential).

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