【791】Meet-the-faculty Seminar for International Students

by Joagni Pare In order to reinforce a positive student-teacher relationship and increase students’ awareness and understanding of the university’s philosophy and regulations, MCU is organizing a Meet-the-faculty Seminar on Friday 4/22 for all international students. This important meeting will be presided over by MCU President Lee. The seminar will function as a synchronous video conference taking place simultaneously on both Taoyuan and Taipei campuses. Participants on Taoyuan campus will meet in room M104 while those on Taipei campus will gather in the Large Conference Room. Students should sign in at 12:15 and the seminar will start at 12:30 and is expected to end at 13:40. Refreshments are also provided. The meeting will include a Q&A section during which participants, whether they be in Taipei or Taoyuan, will be able to interact with one another and express their concerns directly to the school representatives. Given its importance, all internatio-nal students are encouraged to attend the seminar and view it as an opportunity for a meaningful interaction with university representatives about any subject of concern.

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