by Christy Cheung The 2nd Semester Cleaning Competition for Taipei and Taoyuan campuses will be held on April 29, 2011. In order to promote good environmental practices, develop environmental awareness and cultivate participation in environmental projects among all people at the university, every student will be taking part in this university-wide competition. Class Health Coordinators or representatives must attend a briefing on April 21 at noon in B901 on Taipei campus and on April 25 at noon in P102 on Taoyuan campus. At the briefing, representatives will draw lots that decide the cleaning area of each class. Attendance at the briefing will be one of the important scores in this competition, so make sure your class representative will be there. The cleaning areas include the indoors (tables, floor, and windows, etc) and outdoors (hallways and garbage can, etc), also the recycling of materials. The best 3 classes of each year-level will be cited with two merits and win prizes. However, any classes that receives a score lower than 70 will receive demerits. So come and join this Cleaning Competition actively to create a clean and beautiful school environment