Sophomore Physical Fitness Test The physical fitness test for sophomore students will take place this week from 3/28 to 3/31. The faculty from the Physical Education Office will be in charge of the test during the hours of Physical Education classes. The test includes four parts: standing broad jump, one-minute sit-up, Hamstring stretch, and three-minute step up. Students whose test results meet the standard criteria for all four parts may waive their Physical Education course for the next academic year. This would provide students with more flexibility when registering for their courses next semester. Experiencing Taiwanese Culture In order to promote understanding and to provide an opportunity for MCU international students to blend into the local culture, the PTPI Club on both campuses has arranged some fun activities. Students will be taught on how to make sachets for the Dragon Boat Festival (Taoyuan campus) and flour miniature and figurine (Taipei campus). The activity will take place on Friday (4/1) at noon in B603 on Taipei campus and in EE108 on Taoyuan campus. Upcoming Spring Break According to Ming Chuan’s official calendar for the semester of Spring 2011, the 6-day spring break starts on 4/2 and ends on 4/7. The break includes the weekend (4/2-3), 4/4 is the National Children’s Day, 4/5 is the Tomb Sweeping Day and 4/6-7 are make-up holidays for MCU’s anniversary. Students are reminded that 4/8 (Friday) is still an official school day and that there are classes on that day. In addition, the midterm exams will be held a week earlier this semester during week 9 (4/11-15). Students may take advantage of the spring break and start preparing for the exams.