MCU 54th Anniversary Celebration In order to celebrate MCU’s school anniversary and for becoming the first University in Asia accredited by the MSCHE, the celebration will be held this Saturday (3/19) on Taipei campus. A series of events will be held starting with the cocktail party in the morning at the Sun Yat Sen Auditorium. Sporting events and fun fair will be held at the Athletic Field and at the Basketball Court in front of H Building. In addition, the Creative Cheerleading Dance Competition will be held at the Athletic Field on Taipei campus. Group A students for the Creative Cheerleading Dance Competition will perform at 9 a.m. and group B at 1 p.m. MCU Graduate School Entrance Exam The MCU entrance examination for graduate school admissions for the academic year of 2011 will take place this Wednesday (3/16) on both campuses. On this day, 1,583 examinees are expected in hope of becoming MCU graduate students. Therefore, several classrooms in B and F Buildings on Taipei campus and M and EE Buildings on Taoyuan campus will be used as exam rooms. Students are reminded to pay special attention regarding classroom change notices. MCU’s Top Annual News Recap The Research and Development Division has put the selection to the vote in order to select the top annual news event of Ming Chuan. The results of the vote showed that 78.1% of the voters agreed that “Ming Chuan becomes the first university in Asia accredited by the MSCHE” is the top most important news event of the year. Overseas Chinese Students Spring Get-Together The 2011 Northern Taiwan Overseas Chinese Student Get-Together event is organized by Fu Jen Catholic University this year. On 3/19, the Section Chief of the Overseas Student Service Section, Li-Kai Hsiao, will be leading 50 Ming Chuan students to Fu Jen Catholic University to set up a booth for the event. Moreover, there will be a two-day field trip to Sun Moon Lake in Nantou on 4/16 to 4/17 for overseas students. So, sign up now!