Yet again, MCU reminds students of the road safety regulations, as traffic authorities have time and again received complaints from the general public that MCU students are not following traffic regulations properly. Since such behavior has already affected local traffic safety, concerned citizens have asked relevant police officers to handle the situation. The university and the local police department came to an agreement that Ming Chuan will conduct educational activities to reinforce the importance of traffic safety. After the education period, violators will be punished in accordance with the law. Here are some traffic safety tips that students are advised to follow carefully. 1. Please observe all traffic lights. 2. Wear a full helmet when riding a scooter. 3. Fasten your seat belt when driving. 4. Keep your vehicle/ scooter in safe condition. 5. Never run red lights, carry more passengers than permitted, exceed the speed limit, park illegally, make excessive noise, or swerve while driving. 7. Do not drink and drive. 8. Use pedestrian crossings when crossing the road. 9. Never use a cellphone when driving. If you are involved in a traffic accident, please contact MCU (02) 28829595 (Taipei campus) (03)350-9495 (Taoyuan), we will send a drillmaster to assist you.