【787】Top 3 in Taiwan – 67 Mainland China Students

The Ministry of Education has approved the quota of Mainland China students studying in Taiwan for each university that applied. Having 67 Mainland China students studying on campus this year ranks Ming Chuan third in the nation among 132 universities, behind Feng Chia University with 74 and National Taiwan University with 73. This result is also one of our internationalization achievements. Mainland China student recruitment is really competitive with 67 universities and 65 institutions of technology education vying for students' attention. Ming Chuan University implemented the recruitment of Mainland China Students actively as soon as the announcement was made, in order to promote international education across the strait. The MOE approved a maximum recruitment quota of 2,000 Mainland Chinese students for 2011-12. In order to earn public praise of Higher Education in Taiwan, the MOE reviewed teaching resources, recruitment numbers, advantages, student counseling mechanism, international and cross-strait exchange experiences of applicant universities and institutions in accordance with the Guidelines for the Higher Education Institutions Recruiting Mainland China Students to Study in Taiwan. The specific evaluation standards are the number of short-term exchange Mainland China students in the past three years, the ratio of faculty members to students and campus building space in Day Division, research and teaching achievements (such as government grants, subsidy for striving for excellence and results of academia-industry cooperation), student counseling mechanism, preparation (such as establishing a responsible unit and dormitory space), departmental accreditation results, quality and quantity of faculty members, features and advantages, and any affairs regarding national safety and security.

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