【787】0.7 Million MOE Subsidy for Teaching Excellence

The Ministry of Education announced 31 schools (20 national universities and 11 private universities) have received the 2011-12 Teaching Excellence University award as of January 24. MCU has received 0.7 million subsidy for the project, and topped 6th out of all universities and colleges in Taiwan. This is the fourth time that Ming Chuan has been thus affirmed: 0.7 million in 2006-7; 0.545 million in 2008-9; 0.72 million in 2009-2010 (1 year and 5 months); and 0.7 million in 2011-12. According to President Lee, the University actively establishes its distinctive features and strives for professional excellence to increase teaching quality with the continuous promotion of this project. After going through the mechanisms and systems build-up phase in 2008-9 and curriculum development and learning outcome enhancement development phase in 2009-10, the University is stepping into an examination phase of ‘outcome-based, integrated practical learning’ in 2011-12. This new cycle of Strive for Excellence Project has shifted from system and mechanism establishment. After everyone's efforts in the last cycle, rich outcomes were generated. “I believe we will move forward to a brighter result, to accomplish the University goals of excellence, professionalism, and internationalization,” said the President.

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