【787】Two Kinds of Scholarships for Foreign Students!

Ming Chuan University offers scholarships for Foreign Students and for Southeast Asia Students. Prior to March 16, all qualified full-time students should submit their applications. Qualifications for the Foreign Student Scholarship are to have finished their first semester, with conduct grades over 84 and no demerits. Undergraduates must be taking more than nine credits each semester, with average academic grades over 75 for the recent semester. Graduate students must be taking more than four credits each semester, with average academic grades over 80 for the recent semester. Anyone who already has a “Special Scholarship” from the MOE can’t apply for this scholarship. The Scholarship for Southeast Asian Students is available to students from that region who are not International College students and have no demerits. Qualified students will continue to receive the scholarship as long as they maintain an academic grade average of over 65 and conduct grades of over 75. Any questions regarding the scholarships should be directed to the Division of International Education & Exchange at extension 3703.

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