【787】2011 International Academic Symposia on 3/11

In order to increase research standards, the annual MCU Anniversary Academic Symposia, with 19 groups among the 10 schools/college and general education program, will be held from March 11 to April 1 on three campuses. President Lee will host the opening ceremony on 3/11 (Friday) at 9 am in M104 Conference Room in Taoyuan campus, which will be simulcast in the Large Conference Room of Taipei campus and Jihe J616 Conference Room. Topics, dates and venues for the 19 groups of the 2011 symposia are listed below. Taoyuan Campus (all on 3/11): Tourism Group- Visionary Leadership in Tourism, Hospitality Management, Leisure and Recreation Administration Education and Management (FFB101); Education Group – Retrospect and Vision for Teacher Education and Education Policy (P101); Design Group – Creative Design, Continuing Development and Disaster Reduction (M104); Applied English Group – English Language Education Goals: Views on Teaching and Education Policy (P102, P Building 4F classrooms, 1F and 3F classrooms of EE Building); Applied Japanese Group – Applied Japanese Curriculum, Teaching Materials and Methods (EE202, 209, 210); Applied Chinese Group – Chinese Literature Theory and Application: Pronunciation Development during Ming through Qing Dynasties (EE101, EE108); Information Technology Group- Science and Practice of Information Technology (classrooms of Information Technology Building); School of Health Technology— (classrooms of A and S Buildings), Biotechnology Group – Industrial Applications in Biotechnology; Healthcare Information and Management Group – Developments and Applications for Healthcare Management; Biomedical Engineering Group – Developments and Applications for Biomedical Engineering. Taipei Campus: Law Group – Cross-strait Law (3/11, Large Conference Room, D101); General Education Group – University General Education Concepts and Practices (3/11 in B901, B902); Communication Group – Mass Media Industry Innovative Management (3/18, Large Conference Room and H406). Jihe Complex: Management Group – Management and Innovation (3/11, J Building classrooms); Teaching Chinese as a Second Language Group – 4th International Conference and Workshop of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language: Continuing Development of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language (3/11-12, J616 and J Building classrooms); Counseling and Industrial/Organizational Psychology Group – 6th Academic and Practical Conference: Initiation of a New Field – Conversation and Cooperation within the Psychology Realm (3/18, J616); Physical Education Group – International Sports and Healthy Leisure Activities (3/26, J616 and J Building classrooms); Public Affairs Group – 5th Transformation and Governance (3/27, J616); International Affairs Group – Integration and Development of the Globalized Asia-Pacific Region (4/1, J Building classrooms).

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