【787】3/19 MCU 54th Anniversary on Taipei Campus

MCU is celebrating its 54th Anniversary and its new status as the first American-accredited University in Asia on 3/19 on Taipei campus. A series of anniversary activities is to take place beginning with the morning cocktail party opening in Sun Yat Sen Auditorium, sport competitions on the athletic field, and club carnival on the basketball field in front of H Building. President Lee and honored guests are to walk into the Sun Yat Sen Auditorium to join the Cocktail Party at 9 am that day to the elegant sound of Chinese music. To show appreciation of all hard-working faculty and staff members, and outstanding faculty members in teaching and research, President Lee will personally reward those full-time faculty and staff members who have served the university for 10, 20, 30, and 40 years; as well as 2009-10 outstanding teachers, and 2010-11 full-time outstanding faculty members for academic research award. Harmonica Club, Modern Dance Club, and Chinese Kung Fu Club also share exquisite performances, as well. Moreover, there will be the drama and suspense of the lucky draw, and the activity of ‘Taiwan enters a new century and Ming Chuan leaps for international status – Retrospect of Ming Chuan 2010 International News,’ who will take away the top prize, an i-phone4. May everyone enjoy a warm and joyful anniversary celebration! MCU Alumni Association Chair, Ms. Angela Lu, will give a banquet for MCU administrators, honored guests and alumni at the Ambassador Hotel in celebration of the university earning MSCHE accreditation.

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