■ Add and Drop Courses Online by 2/24 The online add and drop courses for this semester already began last Wednesday (2/16) on the day the semester officially started. The Student Network Information System is now also available for freshmen to add and drop courses today (2/21). Students should complete all registration procedure online by this Thursday (2/24) before 12:30 p.m. ■ Strive for Excellence Subsidy On January 24th, the Ministry of Education announced the recipients for the “Strive for Excellence” project subsidy for the academic year of 2011-2012. A total of 31 institutions of higher education (11 public and 20 private institutions) were awarded the subsidy. This time, MCU is awarded NT$70 million which ranked the 6th highest subsidy received among other private institutions. ■ MCU Approved to Matriculate Chinese Students On February 9th, the Ministry of Education announced the number of Chinese students from Mainland China that universities are permitted to matriculate. Among the other 132 universities that have applied for the permission of matriculation, MCU may matriculate 67 students which is the third highest number of students permitted to matriculate (National Taiwan University ranked the first and Feng Chia University ranked the second highest).