【784】Check Before You Enjoy Winter Vacation

Winter break is fast approaching and the academic year is slowly coming to an end. Foreign students are reminded to renew their Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) at least two weeks before it expires. Those students who plan to spend the winter outside of Taiwan might want to renew their ARCs before leaving the country so as to avoid any complications upon return. Please remember that those foreign residents who leave Taiwan for vacations or on business trips and still have a valid permit to remain in Taiwan will continue to have National Health Insurance coverage. What is the coverage under the NHI program? Basically the insured is entitled to receive the following comprehensive medical benefits: (1).Outpatient service, in-patient care and drugs that are provided by the contracted medical care situations in the case of illness, injury or childbearing. (2).Preventive health care, such as children’s preventive health care, prenatal examinations and adult health examinations. (3).After receiving emergency treatment at a non-contracted medical institution in Taiwan, or at a medical institution overseas, beneficiaries may subsequently apply to the BNHI (Bureau of National Health Insurance) for cash reimbursement of medical expenses paid out-of-pocket. Reimbursements are made according to the fee schedules published by the BNHI. The claim for reimbursement should be made within six months after the unexpected occurrence with receipts, including detailed service items and documents of diagnosis (English Version). Insured individuals are entitled to have the above benefits after paying premiums and obtaining NHI cards. Renewal of the ARC requires a passport valid for at least six months, a multiple-purpose application form for Foreign Residents, a certificate of enrollment (from Ming Chuan), resident certificate, one 4.5cm x 3.5cm head & shoulder photo in color with white background and NT$1000. Take these documents along with passport and current ARC to the immigration agency office that corresponds with your area of residence. Scholarship students should take along their scholarship certificates. Taipei city residents should go to No. 15 GuangZhou St. Zhong Zheng District (take the MRT to Xiaonanmen) station; those living in Taipei County should go to No. 168 MinZu Rd. Banchiao City (take the MRT to Banciao) and those living in Taoyuan should go to 1F, No. 106, Xuan Fu Rd, Taoyuan. If one fails to renew the ARC before it expires, the law requires payment of a penalty, then leaving and re-entering Taiwan before a renewal is granted. For further questions, please feel free to contact Office of International Student Services.

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