Course Registration fro Spring 2011 Begins Course registration fro Spring 2011 begins today (12/13) at noon starting with the graduating senior students. All other students should register during the assigned registration time. For lost passwords and problems with the course registration system, please contact the Curriculum Section on Taipei campus or the Taoyuan Academic Affairs Section. Overseas Chinese Class Graduation Ceremony The 28th Overseas Chinese Class is graduating this year. In order to demonstrate the achievements of the class from the Overseas Youth Vocational Training School, the graduation ceremony and learning achievement exhibit will be held this Thursday (12/16) at 10 a.m. in B101 of FF Building on Taoyuan campus. All faculty and students are welcome to attend. Freshman Singing Contest The preliminaries of the Freshman Singing Contest took place last week. According to the MCU Student Association representative, competition is fierce this year. The final round of the contest will be held this Wednesday (12/15) at 6 p.m. in the Physical Education Building on Taoyuan campus. Don’t miss this out!

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