【779】Taiwan Culture Trip to Hsinchu

International students were introduced to different aspects of Taiwanese culture and history through a MCU People To People International (PTPI) trip to Hsinchu on November 7. The day began with a visit to the Hsinchu Municipal Glass Museum. This building was renovated from a home built in 1936 that later served as a guesthouse and banquet hall for the Japanese royal family and high ranking officers. Following, they had lunch at Nanliao Fishing Harbor located in a northwest suburb of Hsinchu. Many took the opportunity after lunch to enjoy the beautiful view and take photos with others. In addition, PTPI prepared kites for each team so that international students could experience kite-flying in the ‘windy city’. Last but not least, they went to Ganamde-Glass DIY with Sand Blasting to make their own style glass. PTPI had a wonderful time with the students who joined the trip. If you want to join in such an activity, there is another trip on December 11 to Pingshi. All students are welcome. For more information, visit the International Education and Exchange Division office.

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