【779】MCU’s Goodwill Ambassadors wants you!

Talented and patient with an exuberance for life? Then Ming Chuan’s Goodwill Ambassadors (GWA) is searching for you. Now that midterms are over, and the pressure of studies has come and gone the Goodwill Ambassadors team is in search of first and second year students to become a part of it's team. The GWA was formed by students via the university’s Public Relations Section and is responsible for the University’s promotion and image-building. The GWA boasts that its “service personnel are the best MCU spokesmen, not only do they work to enhance the university’s image but also show their love”. It is the GWA’s belief that every volunteer is multi-talented and full of compassion. One of the main goals of the GWA is to promote MCU to high school students in an attempt to encourage them to select this university as their future choice for study. Interested high school students are then invited to the university for campus tours. The Taipei leader is Tai Pei-rong, from the Department of Business and Administration; the Taoyuan campus leader is Pan Be-yu from the Department of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language. Students who are interested in the GWA are asked to attend an information meeting on December 1 in E202 on Taipei campus or on December 3 in S104 on Taoyuan Campus. Members who join the GWA will attend a training seminar in January, 2011. This seminar includes particulars for the campus tours and other planned activities. Some of the activities the GWA organizes when going into high schools range from beverage-drinking to ice cream eating competitions. An ice-cream eating competition, sponsored by Du Royal Ice Cream, is slated for December 15 and 16 on Taipei Campus, Sun Yat Sen Auditorium and in the indoor basketball court on Taoyuan Campus. Du Royal will sponsor 1000 ice cream cones for this competition, which will allow students and faculty to meet the GWA team, who will be judging the contest. Other performances geared at displaying the core beliefs of the GWA will also take place on those days. Forty teams can enter the competition, with each team consisting of four students. Two students in each group of four will be bound to each other by the leg and the fastest team to eat their ice cream will be declared the winner. Those who are interested may download the application form from the MCU website and hand deliver it to the Public Relations Office on the third floor of the A building (Taipei Campus) or to the Office of International Student Services (Taoyuan Campus).

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