The annual men and women 2000m relay race will take place soon. Registration at the Physical Education Office on both campuses ends on Thursday, December 2 at noon. The Preliminaries will take place from December 6 to 10, 2010 on the track and field court on both the Taoyuan and Taipei campus. The first place winners from each department will participate in the final competition to be held on March 11, 2011 during the school’s anniversary sports competition at the Taoyuan Campus. If there are any adjustments due to inclement weather conditions all teams will be informed. MCU’s mission in hosting this competition is to encourage all students to take an interest in sports and promote team spirit. Numbers 1-10 on each team will be female contestants and numbers 11-20 will be male contestants. All contestants will take part in the 100 meters race. Contestants are requested to wear sports shoes during the competition (spiked shoes without spikes are prohibited) and are also requested to wear uniforms (short-sleeve tops or tanks and shorts). Note: Those who are not suited for intensive sports are asked not to sign up for the competition. The top six teams will be awarded trophies and the top nine teams will receive cash prizes. Two third-level merits will be awarded to the first and second-place team members, and one third-level merit to third-place through to ninth-place team members. For more information, please contact the Physical Education Office at the Taipei Campus: Ho, Tsai-Jung (ext.2326) or Taoyuan Campus: Ho, Chung-Hui (ext.3525).