【771-3】Service-Learning Center is here to serve you!

by Vina Frederick If you want to offer your services, whether to help others or get involved in an activity, the Service-Learning Center is here to assist you. The Center helps students who want to participate in services through recognized administrative units, clubs, community service organizations or help with on-campus cleaning tasks to complete 16 hours of service. These 16 hours consist of at least one Service-Learning seminar, one Service-Learning reflection and participation in one Service-Learning achievement fair. This year, 11 students who took part in a 10-day volunteer program in Malaysia will exhibit their experiences as volunteers in the achievement fair to share with other students. The fair is scheduled on October 8 and November 5 on the Taoyuan Campus. A date for the event is yet to be announced for the Taipei Campus. But activities are not just on campus, students can get involved in off campus activities, too. According to Lou Ying-Hui, senior clerk in the Service-Learning Section, students can work in collaboration with churches to teach students English or help with after school homework. Service may be conducted in English and/or Chinese. Another activity students can get involved in is volunteering their services for the International Flora Festival, which begins in November. Lou said thus far over 300 students have applied to be volunteers. The services available at the Service-Learning Section are many and varied. If you are interested, don’t hesitate to check it out.

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