【771-3】International Students: Positive Attitude and Open Mind

by Suheil Ghawi Karraa International Trade and Management Program, International College Euphoria and worries filled the room at the Sheraton Hotel on 13 August. Taiwan ambassador to El Salvador, Carlos S.C. Liao, invited the 31 new scholarship holders to convene so the room was full of young Salvadorians who fulfilled the requirements government-sponsored scholarships, along with many parents and the press. Invited by the embassy to give an informative speech, I shared with students and parents about Taiwan with the objective answer every single doubt the people in the room could have. After the meeting ended, many parents and students came to me to ask some questions about Taiwan. My advice for all was the same: Have an open mind and positive attitude. Taiwan and El Salvador are really different countries, but if we have a positive attitude, Taiwan becomes an experience that we will never forget. Every year more Salvadorians are coming to Taiwan to study, which is a good sign. Two years ago, approximately 20 students came, and now more than 30 Salvadorian students are fulfilling the requirements of the scholarships. This is a great opportunity for all of us and for our country. I strongly believe that the distance between Taiwan and El Salvador is getting smaller and now distance is just a word.

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